TOP 12 Steps to implement to STOP Attracting Rats!

TOP 12 Steps to implement to STOP Attracting Rats!

Over the years we have resolved countless amounts of rat infestations and it is our opinion that most of the properties are unknowingly attracting rats. There are measures that you can implement to avoid attracting rats to your yard.

Let’s back up for a moment. Rats only need food, water & shelter in order to survive and flourish. One mating pair of rats can produce over 2,000 offspring in a one-year time span. That represents their babies & their babies making babies and so on. As you can see there is a dire need for population control.

As many habitat modifications that we are about to suggest, you should never implement them until the population is in control. Rats are neophobic, which simply means they are afraid of anything new in their environment. Changes in the scenery, new food sources put them on guard.

I have read many studies on rat behavior; the following habitat suggestions are what we believe are necessary to cut down on attracting rats to your yard.

1) Debris piles — leaf or any items that accumulate and create a shelter for a rat (or snake). Get rid of all woodpiles, construction debris, landscape debris, etc.

2) Piles of dog feces (from grain-based food) accumulating in the yard. Don’t just wash them down with a hose either, the grain remains. The grains are not digestible by a dog and is a gross but natural food source for rats. Dog feces should be scooped up or bagged and disposed of properly.

3) Anything outside that contained food at one time — food storage containers, grills, outside kitchens. Any containers need to be stored inside. Outdoor kitchens and grills require diligent clean-up. Food particles left behind are a buffet line for rats.

4) Clean-up debris and undergrowth around a stream that runs through your yard. Again, fewer areas for them to hide.

5) Garbage should be stored in metal garbage cans that are not accessible to rats.

6) Trim up bushes 6” from the ground. You should be able to see the ground under all shrubbery. This prevents rodents and snakes from feeling secure and nesting under it.

7) As soon as you do see signs or evidence of a rodent problem, call a professional to keep the population in check before they get into your home.

8) If you have any pet food (dog, cat, rabbit) you have to, if possible, to keep the food inaccessible during the evening hours. Bring the food in at night. Limit the feeding hours outside.

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What we do, as a professional Wildlife Control company & Licensed Pest Control operator is to manage the population outside through an integrated pest management program. That means we use mechanical controls- rat trapping, chemical repellents, strategically placed rodent bait stations & biological controls combined with a thorough understanding of measures you need to take on your property to help cut down the problem.

We, Southern Wildlife Management, LLC dba Southern Pest Management, also measure your home and provide you with a quote to keep the wildlife out of your home. Not all wildlife exclusions are created equal, so take your time to find the right company that makes sense to you. Ask about warranties. Please understand not every wildlife control company charges an annual fee for their warranty. So don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as it takes!

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