Animal Exclusion – Critter-Proofing – Sealing a Home

Wildlife Exclusion is the act of using critter-proof materials in a manner that keeps all wildlife from getting in your home.  Not all exclusions are created equal.  Once the critters are trapped and removed, they leave behind odors & feces which may attract other animals.  It is a fact that rodents use urine marking to communicate with each other.  Although we have taken the unwanted rodent away (far enough to never find their way back) it just clears the way for the next one to find their way in unless you block off its ability to get back inside.  Some of the most common entry areas for animals are:

◊ Gable Vents  ◊ Soffit Junctions ◊ Dryer/Bathroom Vents ◊ Construction Gap (Gutter Line) ◊ Holes

What Sets Us Apart –

QUALITY OF MATERIALS:  We only use the highest quality animal-proof materials and devices, therefore, we are proudly able to guarantee that no animal will get past the areas where we have performed the exclusion services.  Since the construction gap is the most widely used entry point, we opt to use solid metal instead of hardware cloth.  We find that when hardware cloth is used specifically on this area that eventually there can be a breach since it is along the gutter line.  Instead of using industrial staples, we opt to only use screws in all of our metal.  Our fasteners are some of the most expensive on the market due to their function and quality.

AESTHETICS: Although our primary concern is to KEEP the critters OUT, we also take into consideration the overall aesthetics of our work.  We will go to the extent of painting the materials including fastener heads to blend or look better in situations where they are visible.  Rather than purchasing pre-cut metal and forcing it to fit to your situation, we custom bend each piece of metal specific to your exact needs.  This provides a nice straight bend which looks like it belongs there without bringing attention to your previous problem.   We also use only galvanized metal so it holds up to the elements and does not rust out or cause staining on exterior from rust.

WARRANTY: We offer the longest warranty that we know of in our industry.  We offer a Five (5) Year Warranty on Rodent Exclusions and a Ten (10) Year Warranty for Bat Exclusions. Here is the icing on the cake -We do NOT charge an annual fee for the warranty.  Some companies charge anywhere between $99 – $450 per year for their warranty.  We do the work and warranty the work we did. Period.


With all of this said, there is no way to give a price for exclusion work over the phone.  We give FREE proposals for exclusion work when we are setting up the traps.   IF the proposal is acceptable we will perform the exclusion work while the trapping is being performed which increases the overall success of the entire process.

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