We have to limit our service area for wildlife trapping due to the fact that we have to make up to 5 visits for standard trapping and UP TO 10 for Advanced Trapping services for our daily trap checks.  If a wildlife trapper says he will check his traps in a couple of days…. be concerned.  The State Agency (Georgia Department of Natural Resources) that governs our Wildlife Trapping (Wildlife Control Operator) License requires us to check our traps every 24 hours.  It is the law.  Also most critters especially rodents learn if they see a dead critter in the trap to associate the traps with death, hence avoiding the traps.

As a company, we decided from the start that we will always provide our services in a legal & humane manner. There are also legal issues when it comes to lethal versus non-lethal means of trapping.  Here is a little bit of transparency for you.  Like it or not it is the law.

  1. Squirrels cannot be lethally trapped.  All of the wildlife companies that are using snap traps on squirrels they are illegally trapping in accordance with our licenses. Squirrels must be released unharmed in their natural habitat.
  2.  Any vector species ( a species that can carry the rabies virus) cannot be released or relocated. When trapped they must be humanely euthanized or dispatched.  This applies to Raccoon, Coyote, Fox, Bobcat & Skunk.

However, since we have Licensed Wildlife Rehabbers on staff as well as trappers there are a different set of rules that govern our activity on the rehabilitation side of our business which crosses over to the vector species side.

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