Welcome!  This is our page about dead animal removal and dead animal cleanup.  If you need immediate assistance please call us for a free consultation over the phone!  Read below to learn about our dead animal removal process.

There are three types of dead animal removal calls.

  1. Any dead animal in your yard and we simply come to remove it and haul it to where we are legally permitted to dispose of it.
  2. A cut-out, where the animal has died in a wall and we have to locate it and attempt to access it.
  3. There is an odor that causes you to suspect a critter died somewhere in a crawl space or attic.


Thermal-Image-CameraIf an animal has died within the structure of your home we can find its location & attempt to remove it. This may involve some minor drywall cutting to access it.  If possible, we try to drill a hole to get a peek in the wall with an inspection camera before we opt to cut into the drywall.

We charge a flat-rate base price and an hourly rate for all dead animal removal calls that require searching or cutting into a wall.

STEP #1- Locate & Remove the Dead Animal

Our goal is to locate the dead animal & remove it in the least intrusive way possible.  We have some of the best prices in our industry & are extremely effective at what we do.  Our Wildlife Recovery Technicians are fully licensed & insured and have the skill set necessary from years of experience to rid you of the problem.

STEP #2 – Dead Animal Clean-up & Sanitizing

When the dead animal is inside the house, we can sanitize & disinfect the area using hospital grade anti-microbial, anti-viral & anti-bacteria mist which will neutralize any odors and kill off any worrisome parasites or bacteria.  After inspecting to determine how the animal got inside, we will provide you with a quote to seal your home.


We can quickly remove and properly dispose of any dead animals in your yard.  We have some of the best prices in our industry.

Here are some of the most common situations that we deal with, inside and outside:

  • A dead rat from within a wall or drop ceiling.
  • A squirrel died in your attic or soffit boxes.
  • Raccoons dying in a crawl space or attic.
  • Deer getting hung up on a fence or getting hit by a car and dying in your yard.
  • Mice dying in a wall or basement.
  • Dead opossum removal from a yard or under a deck.
  • Sadly a dead dog in the house (family pet) that has passed away.
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