When it comes to household pest control the usual options people have to choose between are Monthly, Bi-Monthly (Once every other month), and Quarterly (Once every three months) service intervals. Monthly is the most expensive program providing the greatest of control, with the cost and effectiveness being reduced with the Bi-Monthly and Quarterly choices. However, there is another option that we specialize in that is the best when it comes to balancing effectiveness and cost and that is our Bi-Annual Pest Control Service.

With our Bi-Annual Pest Control Service we have had to study extensively and train ourselves with the longest lasting non-repellent, most effective and most expensive products on the market. The way we balance that cost is with the need to only stop by twice a year to reassess and reapply our products. This saves you, and us, a lot of time and money due to the lifespan and effectiveness of our products.

Our Approach

We are proud to offer the same ethical services, stellar customer service & affordable prices that we have been providing within the wildlife industry for over a decade. We feel the time we dedicate to each pest control visit sets us apart from all of the other pest control companies.  We take the time to determine the exact target pests and devise a strategy to get rid of them.  Our program will utilize habitat modifications & controls (biological & cultural, mechanical) with the right amount of pesticides in the proper locations to remedy the problem.  This approach is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  Simply stated we look at the big picture and use the existing tools & resources combined with minimal pesticides to eliminate the pests.  Following the IPM standards, all pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, beneficial and non-target organisms, and the environment.

All of our services can be tailored to suit any BUDGET.  Just call us, let’s talk!  Our pest control services are most commonly offered on a Monthly or Bi-Annual services.

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Implementing an IPM program involves using the most selective pesticide that will do the job and be the safest for other organisms and your environment.  This means using pesticides in bait stations rather than sprays, or spot-spray a few weeds instead of an entire area.  To understand more about the science behind an IPM program, watch this video: Scientific Basis for IPM.  This principle closely mimics our philosophy & standards so it was natural for us to incorporate into our daily practices.

Our friendly, highly-skilled staff is happy to answer any questions you have.  Call us at (678) 935-5900 to set up an appointment for a pest inspection that suits your schedule.

We can actively control some of the most common unwanted pests such as the following: Ants, Beetles, Carpenter Bees, Centipedes, Crickets, Flies, Hornets, Lady Bugs, Mosquitoes, Moths, Roaches, Scorpions, Silverfish, Snails, Stinkbugs, Spiders

We take the common-sense method to eliminate pests, and the diseases they spread to a new family-friendly level, while still protecting the people, pets, and plants from any ill effects from a pesticide spraying process inside your home.

Do you have an aversion to pesticide usage inside the home? No Problem!

We can restrict the use of industry-standard pesticides to the outside of the home and strategically use it as a barrier (still in a responsible manner) so it is safe for your family & pets. We can also devise an alternative plan of using an “organic eco-friendly” pesticide inside if that is your preference.  Each Pest Control plan is customized to suit your goals and desires.

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The outside of your home (the perimeter) provides thousands of routes for pests to gain access into your living areas. With today’s advanced micro-encapsulation technology, a pesticide product can be applied around the exterior of the home and be expected to last. When combined with simple mechanical exclusion processes like caulking and sealing the access points, this pest control service can further minimize the insects’ ability to gain entry into the living areas of your home.


We instinctively try to avoid using pesticides inside your living quarters, using them sparingly at most.  How much we avoid it, comes down to your personal preferences.  If you wish for us to keep your home chemical-free and focus on the outside, we can, and there are chemical-free measures we can take to help control any pests that manage to find a way in.  We use these chemical-free measures in conjunction with our standard Pest Control Services regardless. If there is a problem to be addressed inside the home we can discuss the options.  Just keep in mind that there are alternatives and we are here to help.

Winter Rodent Inspection

During your winter service, we take a little extra time to inspect your attic for possible rodent activity. We do this annually pest inspection free of charge during your winter service period.

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