Stinkbug Pest Control Services

Stinkbug Pest Control Services in Georgia

If you are dealing with Stinkbugs, it can feel like an infestation and can be overwhelming. While they can be worse in North Georgia, it is not uncommon for most homes to have a few flying around during the fall. Prevention is the most effective method, with treatment after the fact being really difficult due to their location indoors in the living areas and the fact that since they fly they are quite mobile. However, our program is highly effective in prevention and management. Below is a basic guide to aid you in finding the best pest control program suited to you.

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When it comes to household pest control the usual options people have to choose between are Monthly, Bi-Monthly (Once every other month), and Quarterly (Once every three months) service intervals. Monthly is the most expensive program providing the greatest of control, with the cost and effectiveness being reduced with the Bi-Monthly and Quarterly choices. However, there is another option that we specialize in that is the best when it comes to balancing effectiveness and cost and that is our Bi-Annual Pest Control Service.

With our Bi-Annual Pest Control Service, we have had to study extensively and train ourselves with the longest-lasting non-repellent, most effective and most expensive products on the market. The way we balance that cost is with the need to only stop by twice a year to reassess and reapply our products. This saves you, and us, a lot of time and money due to the reduced need for extra visits and the lifespan and effectiveness of our products that we use.

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