Affordable Goose Removal & Goose Hazing

While many people enjoy the presence of Geese, feeding them in parks or at the lake, they can be a real nuisance for you if they frequent your property.  They can damage your lawn, be aggressive if people get too close and make a mess by defecating frequently and spreading potentially harmful bacteria.  Our Goose removal process is fast, humane and effective!

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Goose removal and hazingChasing them off or scaring them away a few times will typically NOT keep them away for long, once they pick a place that has suitable food, water and/or shelter you can be assured that they will be returning.  In addition to this, there is a period of time that they lose their ability to fly.  This is called the molting season, which runs from early June to late July, and during that time hazing is ineffective.  However, this is when capturing them (depending on the permit) can be much easier.  Before you take matters into your own hands and start googling away, understand that any measures done by you can habituate the Geese to those deterrents.  Which means that if its not done properly, it often makes the professionals job more difficult.

First, Call Us.  Not for us to sell you our services, but to make sure you thoroughly understand the situation, the issues and what can be done about it.  Not all situations are the same, and sometimes a solution is just a helpful recommendation away.  From that very first phone call we work to understand what you are going through, what the extent of the problem is, and then if we can guide you over the phone to help you solve your issue.

What sets us apart and why it matters to you–

AFFORDABLE:  You deserve a company that tries to be fair and offers you a reasonable price for the quality of service you will receive.

SMALL, LOCALLY OWNED:  You want a company where every person you deal with is an owner, not just an employee getting through their day.  Each one of us lives here, and that means the money you spend with us stays local.

ETHICAL:  You need a company that understands insects play a vital role in our environment, and so focuses on the pests that are affecting you within your home and close by.

KNOWLEDGEABLE:  You deserve a company with decades of experience, but one that also never stops learning.  Always working to better themselves and the services they provide you.

HONEST:  You want an honest company that does not use scare tactics to talk people into business with them.  If they feel a particular service isn’t suited to you and your situation, this needs to be communicated and then to advise you accordingly.

EFFECTIVE:  You need a company that takes their service personally, whose standards matter to them and their customers, and if there are ever any issues, will not rest until you are happy.

Geese in a field


Goose Harassment & Goose Hazing Program

We can implement a Goose Hazing program to the point that the Geese feel so uncomfortable that they move on to somewhere else.

Often times the DNR allows for a limited # of the Nuisance Geese to be removed (Example 10 out of 40).  This is when hazing & harassing is the BEST option.

We implement many HUMANE measures to harass the Geese not just one.  The licensed Wildlife Technician will determine, based upon the specifics of your circumstances, which measures will be most effective considering the time of day, number of visits, and much more.


Goose removal, relocation and hazing

OPTION #2: GOOSE Removal

PERMITTED Canada Goose Removal & Goose Control Program

In order for us to lay our hands on a Canada Geese we have to have a permit from the USDA or Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Once you obtain a FREE permit, you can hire us to come out and safely catch and remove the Geese.  We can corral them into cages, or hand catch the geese under the right circumstances. We can also implement or make recommendations to deter future nesting.

Our fees take into consideration all of the factors in the job from method used to time.

To obtain a FREE PERMIT for Nuisance Geese removal you have to call Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Dept below – (Note: If URGENT ask them to fax the permit to you)

(770) 918-6404 or (706) 295-6041

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