Our Warranty

Our warranty is simple – if they get past our work within the stated period of time we will trap again & fix it for FREE.

GUARANTEE ON EXCLUSION SERVICES: “SWM” guarantees all exclusion services rendered for either: Three (3), Five (5) or the Bat Warranty for Ten (10) Years from the date of the agreement. There is absolutely NO CHARGE for the warranty.  No annual fee or inspection required.  The guarantee covers the EXACT locations where the exclusion services were performed by  Southern Wildlife Management, LLC. (Referred to as “SWM”).  “SWM” will not guarantee that an animal will never gain access but more so that access will not be obtained through exclusion work that “SWM” deemed necessary to exclude and performed said exclusion work.  If an animal gains access in a specific area(s) that was excluded, “SWM” agrees to trap for up to 1 week and repair the exclusion work in the same area at no additional charge.  If “SWM” is called out for a breach in the exclusion and it is determined that there was no breach in our exclusion work then there will be a trip/inspection charge depending on travel time and time involved in the inspection of $75 & up per occurrence. Under no circumstances will “SWM” warranty or guarantee any work performed by other companies.  If there is preexisting work done and “SWM” is hired to fix the work done, “SWM” only guarantees the areas where exclusion work was performed by “SWM”. Any modifications (examples: remodeling, painting, storm damage) to our exclusion work will void our warranty & guarantee.

DEAD ANIMAL CLAUSE: If “SWM” is hired to perform exclusion services to seal up a home.  “SWM” does everything in its power to prevent any critter from being sealed in the home/attic.  If there is probable cause to suspect that an animal has died after the home has been sealed then it is not the responsibility of “SWM”.  “SWM” will, for a reduced fee, attempt to track down the source and remove the dead animal.  This is an inherent risk that is assumed when a house is sealed up to prevent animals from gaining entry.

EXCLUSION MATERIALS MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY:  “SWM” uses exclusion materials that are guaranteed by the manufacturers for a minimum of 25 years from the date of purchase.  Product Warranties are through the individual Manufacturers and subject to their terms and conditions.

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