Do you have squirrels in your attic or are you hearing noises in your attic? It could be Grey Squirrels or Flying Squirrels.  Call us we can immediately start trapping the squirrels and provide quick results.

Our program for Squirrel removal and control program is effective and thorough! Call us for a free consultation!


STEP # 1: Trap the ones that are in your attic & relocate so they are no longer an issue.

STEP #2: Squirrel-Proof (exclude) your home with a 5-Year warranty with ZERO annual fees.

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We charge a flat rate squirrel trapping fee per week.  There is NO setup fee, NO per animal fee, NO need for an estimate or quote – simply CALL US!

Grey squirrel in trap

The squirrel trapping fee is all-inclusive: Five (5) trips out every single day to set the trap, check the trap and to relocate Squirrels trapped.  It is the law in the State of Georgia that the traps are checked every single day – No exceptions.  Every trapper is struggling to trap squirrels during the time of the year when there is a Mother raising their young.  Although we will trap only if that is what you wish, because of the greater success when coupled with an exclusion, we highly “recommend” doing both the trapping & exclusion together.  Regardless if you chose for us to do an inspection or go straight to trapping – we will immediately provide you with a quote for the exclusion work.

(Squirrel Proofing):

wildlife exclusion

Since no two homes are alike, no two exclusion proposals are the same price.  Exclusion is the act of using animal proof materials, devices and methods to keep the animals OUT.  Once the animals are taken out, they leave behind odors, feces, and scents which may attract other animals.  If trapping alone  (without exclusion) it just clears the way for the next one to find their way in unless you block off its ability to “Get back IN”.  Some of the most common entry areas for animals are:

◊ Gable Vents  ◊ Soffit Junctions ◊ Dryer/Bathroom Vents
◊ Construction Gap (Gutter Line) ◊ Holes

We only use the highest quality animal-proof materials and devices, therefore, we are proudly able to guarantee that no animal will get past the areas where we have performed the exclusion services.   With all of this said, there is no way to give a price for exclusion work over the phone.  While we are there it is necessary for us to determine how the animals are gaining access or entry into the building or property.  This insight makes us able to provide a proposal for the cost of the exclusion work.  IF the proposal is acceptable we will perform the exclusion work while the trapping is being performed which increases the overall success of the entire process.

We are experts in getting the Squirrels that are in your attic – OUT?   We offer humane Squirrel trapping, Squirrel removal & Squirrel exclusion services to most of North Metro Atlanta.


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