We charge a FLAT-RATE TRAPPING FEE for One (1) week of RACCOON trapping. There is NO setup fee, NO per animal fee, NO need for an estimate or quote. The trapping fee is all-inclusive: Five (5) trips out every single day (Monday through Friday) to set the traps, check the traps and to relocate any Raccoon trapped. It is the law in the State of Georgia that the traps are checked every single day – No exceptions.

Our Raccoon removal and control service is fast, effective and humane!  Give us a call for your free consultation!

Daily trap checking is important for many reasons: 1) It’s the law, 2) It is more humane to the raccoons but equally important 3) It enables us to make the most out of your trapping dollars by our Professional Wildlife Technicians having the opportunity to reposition any traps that are not productive and rebaiting if necessary. Our raccoon trapping success rate for 1 week is 100%.

What sets us apart-

  • Being a small company, each of our technician’s care, because YOU matter to us.
  • Ethical
  • Knowledgeable
  • Honest
  • Effective
  • Did I mention AFFORDABLE?

Family of Raccoons


  • We have to inspect the property to determine the best trap to use and the location of the trap(s).
  • We use live cage traps that are effective and humane.
  • Any injured Raccoons trapped are taken to a wildlife rehabilitator to be treated then released when they are ready.


We treat these as an EMERGENCY CALL- 24/7 we respond. We find it easier to charge a flat rate fee to come to your property and hand catch and remove a raccoon that has found his way into your house or building. Our Licensed Wildlife Technicians will spend up to an hour looking for & attempting to catch the raccoon. Whether we leave with the raccoon or not we get paid for our effort and attempt to remove it.


There are only two critters where we emphasize feces removal and clean-up: Bats & Raccoons. Both typically have concentrated areas (latrines) for their feces but also because of the severity of diseases that are in their feces. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH RACCOON FECES. Raccoons can excrete high numbers of roundworm eggs through their feces and it can lead to serious health issues in humans as they affect the central nervous system, and affect our brain. Just FYI, the eggs can last for years in their case. Setting aside that terrifying fact, their waste can carry a number of other serious diseases that directly affect humans. To clean the attic, We carefully remove all of the waste, most by hand and smaller particles by HEPA vacuum. Then we apply special sanitizer, including an enzyme-based anti-microbial solution that eliminates any bio-hazard organic waste from animals, including droppings and urine.

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