Affordable Dead Deer Removal

I want to be quick & to the point.  There are two different scenarios when dealing with a dead deer.  The process is completely different for each.

  1. If it is NOT on your PRIVATE PROPERTY – then this is the City’s or County’s issue.  They will take care of it… but it is in their timeline.   THE LIST OF NUMBERS BELOW WILL HELP.

We offer AFFORDABLE Dead Deer removal services on private property – not alongside the road.   IF YOU ARE REPORTING A DEAD DEER ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD…  PLEASE DON’T CALL US – We are not the City or County.  I have researched each City and made each of the cities (BELOW) clickable and each page has the phone number for you to call when it is on City or County property.  We do not know the individual numbers when you call.

ALPHARETTA:  (678)297-6000

CUMMING: (770) 781-2019  OR if you KNOW it is a COUNTY Road then call Forsyth County at (770)781-2155

DAWSONVILLE:  (706) 344-3500 x42232

DULUTH: (770)339-2308

ELLIJAY:  (706) 253-8817

GAINESVILLE: 770-532-0379 or email: [email protected]

JOHNS CREEK: (678)512-3200 or fill out a REQUEST form at

MILTON: (678)242-2500 OR (678)242-2562

We handle dead deer removal on private property when the property owner does not want to deal with it themselves:

  • Dead Deer stuck on a fence (upcharge if it has to be cut off the fence)
  • Deer in a pool or stream (upcharge anytime water is involved)
  • Deer in Pond (upcharge if a kayak has to be used)

Let’s be frank.  You have a dead deer and want it gone… Here is all you should care about:

  1. We have some of the LOWEST PRICES in our industry. (sometimes half the price of others)
  2. We will remove the deer, depending on when you call, either the same day or no later than the next day.
  3. There is a little bit of an upcharge for Holiday & Weekend services. However, we often have Techs on call for this.
  4. You do not have to be home.  We can pick the deer up and call you to collect payment over the phone and email you the receipt.  How much easier can we make it? 🙂

Call us (678)935-5900

These dead deer removal services are provided by us, Southern Wildlife Management, LLC dba Southern Pest Management.   We are a family-owned, small for-profit business, not a division of the State, County or City Government.  There are charges for our services.

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